Biography of Khulan Chuluun.

The given name is Khulan, and the name Chuluun is a patronymic and also is a surname by passport. In the Mongolian language spelled Chuluuny Khulan.

Khulan Chuluun was born on May 30, 1985 in Mongolia, in Kharkhorin. Father: Chuluun, driving teacher in a driving school, mother: Gantuya, hydro engineer. Khulan youngest in a family of three sisters. Khulan studied at the Kharkhorin to the seventh grade, and then the family moved to Ulan Bator, where she graduated from high school. After high school, Khulan entered the faculty of journalism in Ulan Bator.

In 2005, a student of journalism, Khulan stood in line for a visa for her nephew at the Chinese Embassy in Ulan Bator, when she was approached by a casting director of the movie Mongol Guka Omarova and invited to try on the role of the Borte in the film by Sergei Bodrov Mongol. Guka phoned Bodrov, who arrived in Ulan Bator and after meeting with Khulan established her as a Borte.

Assistant to Bodrov, Kazakh filmmaker Naryn Igilik having seen Khulan was the at once fascinated by her. The film was shot two years in China and Kazakhstan. In between filming Khulan was trained acting in the Moscow and at a school for photo models in Ulan Bator.

In 2007, Naryn and Khulan decided to get married and have a wedding in Almaty, learning of this Bodrov suggested they change the date for the wedding on the day of the premiere, and the couple on their wedding day appeared at the premiere of the film in their wedding clothes.

Khulan also acted as a photo model for advertising the collection of Gobi Cashmere in Mongolia.

Khulan and Naryn are now living in Kazakhstan, in Almaty and work in their own production company “COLIBRI FILMS”.

Хулан Чулуун

Photo © by Naryn Igilik